GO! Same-day

Collection and delivery on the same day?
GO! Same-day

GO! Same Day offers you exactly what it promises for particularly urgent parcel shipping: same-day delivery.

Delivering to the whole of Switzerland three times a day – nationwide

More than 120 tours and over 70 scheduled connections ensure that our customers’ consignments can be delivered to recipients up to three times every day – across all of Switzerland. Why book a courier when a shipment can be delivered the same day in a secure system at fixed times and with cost savings of up to 80%? GO! has built up a unique same-day delivery system, which is primarily used in the automotive, construction, municipal, agricultural machinery and bicycle industries. Nevertheless, service providers such as banks and insurance companies already trust our network of operations today.

What is actually involved in a same-day courier system? Nothing other than the fact that customers can drop off consignments at our depots in Switzerland or that we collect the packages from the consignors and deliver them to our depots and satellites at the fixed departure times, all on the same day.

At the aforementioned hubs, the consignments are loaded onto the scheduled connections, which take them to one of the 12 delivery and pick-up locations of the GO! network in Switzerland. Once at these cross-docking platforms, a fleet of more than 100 vehicles ensures that the consignments reach every recipient in Switzerland on the same day, in accordance with the shipping instructions. Depending on the point of departure, you can choose whether the delivery should reach the end recipient by 13:00, 15:30, 18:00 or travel overnight and arrive by 07:00 in the morning. Since the system works like the SBB timetable, it can be planned, standardised and runs on schedule.

The same-day courier system is particularly suitable for customers who require centrally controlled, warehouse-optimised processes and are therefore dependent on consistent deliveries to their customers. These customers benefit especially from the fact that they can reduce their storage costs to a minimum through centralisation.

Another of our customers’ intentions is to save on courier costs. Of course, our solution lends itself to this like no other. Who would be happy to pay for a several hundred franc courier trip for a parcel or document when they can have the same service performed for a two-digit franc amount ? Or to put it another way: why book a courier delivery if you can drop off your consignments in Winterthur at 09.00 this morning and they will be delivered in Geneva at 15.30 this afternoon?


Here you will find brochures, price lists, customs forms and much more.



No matter how late you work, we can still pick up your shipments. We can also arrange extra-late pick-ups if required.

You can arrange extra-late pick-up times for particularly urgent express transports – whether domestic or international. Please contact your local GO! office for about this.

Do you work over the weekend? So do we! We can even collection your shipments on Saturdays and Sundays. Delivery will then be made on the same day or early on Monday, whichever you prefer.

You can instruct us to collect a consignment for you on the same day. Our driver will pick up the delivery from the sender and feed it into the network as quickly as possible.


We will transport your consignment from door to door without detours and in the shortest possible time, even over longer distances. Of course, the direct route is also the safest: the courier does not let your consignment out of their sight.

For all you early risers, GO! delivers to many business centres before 08:00.

You decide when and where you want your shipment delivered. GO! can deliver with pinpoint accuracy within a time window of 15 minutes nominated by you – no matter whether it’s to an airport or a laboratory.

GO! is on call for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and will also deliver your consignments on Saturdays or Sundays. We can also delivery on public holidays.

If your consignment must only be delivered to a specific person, our courier will verify the recipient’s personal details. This ensures that important and confidential items always end up in the right hands.

If requested, we will inform you as soon as your shipment has been delivered by indicating the time and recipient’s name. This can be done by text message or email.

With the GO! cash-on-delivery service, our driver will only deliver your goods against payment and we will transfer the money to you as quickly as possible.

If you have several deliveries from different senders, even from abroad, we will collect your shipments and bundle them for delivery in accordance with your scheduling requirements.


GO! offers a standard liability per consignment in accordance with the latest version of its General Terms and Conditions. You can of course also take out a more extensive insurance policy. Please contact your local GO! office for more information about this.

Whether you need document envelopes, plastic mailing bags or cardboard boxes, GO! can provide you with custom-fit packaging to ensure that your shipments are transported securely in packaging that is perfectly tailored to the particular shipment contents.

The benefits for you

  • Fastest possible consignment delivery, usually on the same day as dispatch
  • We will advise you in detail and choose the best customised transport route based entirely on your requirements
  • Advice on legal constraints, e.g. IATA DGR, non-standard dimensions and weight restrictions in aircraft and railway services
  • No time is lost when placing an order either: you will receive a quotation from us for the delivery period and costs in no time at all.
  • Optimum value for money thanks to the use of scheduled connections