GO! Value added services

With GO! you can take advantage of a wide range of additional services that make your shipments even faster or more secure: from same-day service and on-board courier to fixed delivery on a specific date and full customs clearance.

GO! Customs

Modern, digital and automated – we have been doing customs clearance work for over 20 years. Just differently than you know it.

GO! Pick Up

Logged today, collected tomorrow, transshipped the day after tomorrow and with you the day after that.

GO! Returns

We collect for you - and deliver practically nationwide on the same day. We can also handle special returns processes.

GO! Insurance

High value – expensive contents? Then take out protection and insurance. We are at your disposal with advice and assistance.

GO! Special Services

Air freight, on board service, special transports, value transports, outsourcing everything you want! Still not found what you are looking for?

For more complex requirements, we also offer a wide range of special services, ranging from in-house mail services  to customised supply chain solutions and industry solutions.

Additional services for your consignments

No matter how late you work, we can still pick up your shipments. With late standard pick-up times, late pick-ups with direct transfer to the depot in time for the latest possible connection to the transport system or night-time pick-ups with transport handling specially tailored to your needs, we have the right solution ready and waiting for you.

The benefits for you

  • Late regular collection times included as standard
  • Cost-effective late collection: consignments arrive directly at the depot and are loaded onto the scheduled services as late as possible.
  • Night collection with appropriate onward transport organised on an individual basis:
    • regular delivery of consignments within the area of the hub
    • Optional forwarding of supra-regional shipments by means of direct feeds into the main hub for overnight delivery
    • Other alternatives include door-to-door deliveries and same-day services.

Very late collection times, but not a time-sensitive consignment? GO! can be flexible in cases like these too. Such shipments will of course be collected at the desired time and then forwarded as scheduled on the following day.

If, on the other hand, you need to send time-critical items with extra-late cut-off times on a regular basis, we can offer you numerous other alternatives. These include central storage and dispatch processing directly in our hub as well as regional high-availability warehouses for same-day delivery of consignments.

Weekends and public holidays: periods that can interfere with regular planning – usually. With GO! you can be sure that you are playing it safe, even at times that would otherwise be inconvenient.

GO! gets urgent ad-hoc shipments, whether it be important spare parts or urgent documents, to the desired recipient quickly and reliably. Whenever you want, whenever it is necessary. Late at night, early in the morning or in the middle of the night.

The benefits for you

  • Round-the-clock service availability: 24 hours, 365 days
  • Short response times: one phone call is enough
  • Extremely fast handling as per your requirements
  • Individual contact partners: competent and experienced
  • Seamless shipment tracking: full transparency thanks to online tracking


*In compliance with the legal requirements

Do you need your consignments with confidential information, high-value goods or other sensitive content to be delivered to authorised persons? Do you need to send financial and salary documents, travel documents or vehicle documents? If so, we have the right solutions for you. While we already deliver only to named recipients as standard and, for example, only carry out letterbox or neighbour delivery with the express permission of the client, with this form of authorised delivery we offer you a service with which you can play it safe. The item will only be handed over to the recipient once the correct pin code has been entered.

The benefits for you

  • Peace of mind – your consignment will only be handed over to authorised persons and only when they enter  the correct pin code. If the consignment cannot be delivered, it will remain in  one of our locked warehouses until you request another attempt at delivery.
  • Shortest transport times made possible by the use of a high-performance express network
  • Great flexibility thanks to a wide range of scheduling options and additional services

Do you want/need a consignment to be delivered within a fixed time frame? No problem! Choose one of our wide range of scheduling options based on your individual requirements.

The benefits for you

  • A wide range of scheduling options to suit your individual requirements
  • Early delivery – the following day before 08:00 in any economic centre*
  • Delivery time slots ranging from 30 to 120 minutes throughout the day
  • Fixed deadline – to within 15 minutes on the specified date


*Please contact your local GO! branch for more information.

Do you want to make sure that your consignment is definitely delivered to the right hands? Then these will certainly need to be delivered exclusively and only be handed over to a specific person or group of people. We also have the right solution for situations like this – an identity check. If the delivery must strictly be made to one individual, the recipient must provide proof of identity. The highest degree of certainty, in other words. It is also the perfect complement to our standard service, in which we only deliver to named recipients.

The benefits for you

  • Maximum security – your consignment will only be handed over to an individual who can provide proof of identity. If the shipment cannot be delivered, it will remain in one of our secure storage facilities until you make the necessary arrangements.
  • Shortest transport times made possible by the use of a high-performance express network
  • Great flexibility thanks to a wide range of scheduling options and additional services

We will notify you of an impending collection or delivery in accordance with your wishes. The notification can be sent within any time window and either by telephone or in written form.

The benefits for you

  • Increase the likelihood of collection or delivery being completed, especially if the sender or recipient is not present all the time
  • Better predictability for the people involved: if a dispatch or receiving point is generally not staffed, there is no need to ensure permanent staffing for any upcoming orders.
  • Further coordination of the collection or delivery arrangements, if required
  • Collections and deliveries even at locations without a postal address or without a fixed delivery point, e.g. at trade fairs, large construction sites, airports or out of town
  • Customised selection of lead time and notification type
  • Proactive information provided to the principal if the shipment cannot be delivered

Whether it’s a trade fair, congress or a similar event, these are always particularly stressful days whether you are an exhibitor or a visitor. It is therefore reassuring to have a dependable service provider at your side in GO! Is a section of your exhibition stand missing or broken? Do you need a refill of promotional materials or samples? Are the items you purchased not able to travel with you on the plane? With the GO! Trade Fair Service we have your back when it comes to all your transport requirements around the event, allowing you to concentrate fully on your visitors, customers and other tasks.

The benefits for you

  • Deliveries and collections directly to or from the trade fair stand or another  agreed location, including flexible and last-minute arrangements by telephone
  • All-round service both on the event days and during set-up  and clear-up days
  • Early delivery and late collection options as well as a variety of scheduling options  depending on access arrangements
  • Proactive feedback if there are event-specific procedural obstacles
  • Support with set-up and clear-up activities
  • Packaging services, including the provision of shipping materials
  • Many other additional services from our product portfolio

The principal must provide all the documents required for customs clearance for consignments of goods. We are happy to assist you in this respect. Nevertheless, delays are still possible due to customs procedures.

GO! offers standard liability insurance up to € 2,500.00 for domestic shipments. For international shipping, insurance is arranged in accordance with CMR. You can of course take out a more comprehensive insurance policy if required.

Do you need to send a consignment from your supplier directly to a customer? No problem! Upon request, we can remove the address of origin so that you appear to your customer as the sender without the delivery having to be rerouted in this way.

Proper packaging is essential when it comes to shipping consignments. It protects the goods during transit and ensures a smooth process by making the consignment easy to handle as well as easy to attach shipping documents and markings. Whether you need document envelopes, plastic mailing bags or cardboard boxes, GO! can provide you with custom-fit packaging to ensure that your shipments are transported securely in packaging that is perfectly tailored to the particular shipment contents.

The benefits for you (upon request)

  • Wide range of standard packaging materials
  • Provision of suitable special packaging for your consignment – whether disposable or reusable
  • Advice on packaging solutions and data loggers/temperature documentation
  • Do you want to outsource your packaging operations? We would be happy to advise you about your individual requirements on request.

With the GO! cash-on-delivery service, you no longer have to wait for payment. Our courier will deliver your items upon payment only and we will transfer the money to you as soon as possible.

The benefits for you

  • Immediate and straightforward order processing, even if no electronic payment options are available
  • High degree of certainty: your goods will only be handed over upon payment of the COD amount as determined by you.
  • Prompt payment: the COD amount received will be transferred to an account specified by you within just a few days.
  • Free choice of currency for the COD amount in Switzerland and abroad
  • Cash, crossed cheques or Euro cheques: you can also choose from the various possible means of payment.

Would you like to receive confirmation that a delivery has been completed as soon as possible?
GO! will inform you as such immediately after delivery – and we will also send you the proof of delivery by the fastest possible means if you wish.

The benefits for you

  • Proactive notification of successful delivery within a maximum of 30 minutes
  • Communication by telephone, email, text message or fax as desired
  • Reassuring certainty and minimal effort: no need for continuous viewing of tracking information.
  • Option to receive the signed delivery receipt, either electronically on the same day or the following day, or in hard copy within one to two days
  • The choice is yours: GO! standard receipt or a customer-specific version.
  • We will also provide confirmation of additional details on request: proof of identity,  recorded delivery or customer-specific data.

We will advance a cash amount for you on collection. As a principal, you can instruct us to purchase or accept consignments for a fee. You will be invoiced for this amount along with the transport costs.

The benefits for you

  • Fastest possible and straightforward purchase or collection processing, even if no electronic payment options are available, preventing unnecessary delays prior to dispatch.
  • High degree of certainty: You do not have to pay in advance; payment is only made once the shipment has been accepted.

Payment-on-receipt consignments
All shipping costs paid by the recipient.

You are welcome to deliver or collect your consignment from our GO! hubs and sorting centres.

*Is your requirement not listed here? Just get in touch with your local GO! branch for more information. Our logistics experts will find a tailored solution for you.