Express shipping?
GO! Express

For us, the extra_ordinary is normal. This even applies to our standard services. Benefit from extremely reliable worldwide express shipping of parcels with just-in-time delivery, nationwide overnight express and many other customised shipping solutions.

GO! Overnight

Our solution for domestic express shipping

GO! Germany

Nationwide service to and from Germany at breathtaking speed and with exceptional levels of quality.

GO! Worldwide

With GO! Worldwide, we put the world at your feet. No road is too far for us.

GO! Night

We turn night into day. Delivery to customers during the night until 07:00 in the morning.

GO! Europe

Our special product for high-quality service across Europe. Quicker than outsourcing yourself.

Fuel surcharge

Find out more about our fuel surcharges

Our logistics network never stands still for a second. Express deliveries are our core business. However, we wouldn’t be a premium service provider if we only offered conventional services. We believe that our customers deserve extra_ordinary services. Our standard shipping is therefore not what is generally considered standard.

So when we say express, at GO! we really mean it.


Take advantage of...

  • Extremely short transit times – collected in the evening, delivered to European business centres the next day
  • Delivery within 48 hours across Europe and to all the major intercontinental economic centres
  • Extra-late cut-off times, e.g. until midnight as standard at the main hub
  • Customised time options, both for collection and delivery
  • Pick-up service – we will collect your shipment from any address and deliver it to the address of your choice
  • Can be combined with various additional services – our value added services


An entirely extra_ordinary courier

“I love demanding tasks as they are often a very special challenge. The balancing act between delivering express and maintaining the high standard of quality is what particularly spurs me on.”

Danny H., GO! Mainz.


Precision and perfection.

“Punctuality is a necessity and time is an important process factor in every sector and industry. As an Industry 4.0 digital manufacturing partner, we aspire to reliable process safety. That’s why we take responsibility for orders at every stage of our CNC manufacturing process and associated logistics.”

Willi Ruopp, Co-Founder & CEO CNCTeile24