Fuel surcharge


applies from March 2023





The domestic and international fuel surcharge

GO!’s EXPRESS & LOGISTICS charges fuel surcharges, which are determined each month on the basis of the average price of diesel fuel and kerosene. The relevant adjustments to the surcharge shall take effect on the first of each month.

Calculation for the domestic fuel surcharge

The calculation for the domestic fuel surcharge is based on the monthly average price for one litre of diesel, which is determined by  ASTAG . The latest database can be accessed  > here .

Calculation for the international fuel surcharge

The prices for kerosene on the Rotterdam spot market, which are published by the U.S. Department of Energy , form the basis for calculating the international fuel surcharge. The latest database can be accessed  > here .


The fuel surcharge is added exclusively to the net amount of a consignment. The surcharge does not apply to extra services such as cash on delivery or confirmations of receipt. The surcharge is applied to each individual consignment.


GO!’s EXPRESS & LOGISTICS reserves the right to change the basis used for calculating the fuel surcharge as well as the surcharge table without prior notice. Up-to-date fuel surcharges are published regularly on this website.