Value added services

Special services?
GO!’s Special Services

Are you looking for something extraordinary – something special? With GO!
you can benefit from a wide range of additional and special services that make your shipments even faster or
more secure.

Our range of special services

Whether it’s on-board courier services, special transports, transport projects, air freight courier services, outsourcing your customs department, managing your transport fleet, in-house goods inspection, packaging services, damage assessments or services for international shipments, GO! can offer you the appropriate solution and what doesn’t fit will be made to fit.

Special services that can already be booked as standard include:

  • Late and night collection
  • Customs clearance
  • Cash-on-delivery service
  • Weekend and public holiday service
  • Insurance
  • Deadlines

The benefits for you

  • Customise your transport products
  • Think tank for your projects and needs
  • Coaching and management services
  • Improved service and quality.