Press releases

Below you will find the latest press releases relating to GO! Express & Logistics. If you have any questions, please get in touch with our press contact. You can find press materials to download here.


GO!’s Express & Logistics is forging ahead with sustainability measures. The existing environmental management certificate awarded to the Bonn-based express and courier service provider now also covers its regional hubs. This is another step towards even more sustainable operations.


GO!’s Express & Logistics is now working closely with the “It’s for Kids” foundation for disadvantaged children. Florists will help collect creative donations, and the proceeds from the sales will go to specific fundraising projects.


From 1 February 2023, GO! Express & Logistics will increase its prices by an average of 8.9%. This is how the company is countering the high rate of inflation and increased personnel costs, and by investing in its vehicle fleet, personnel and infrastructure, it is ensuring delivery quality and therefore that it can continue to deliver reliably to its customers.


GO!’s GO! Express & Logistics is expanding its range of digital services and releasing a new customer app. This is available free of charge in the popular app stores for iOS and Android.


A rise in shipments for the quality leader in the CEP sector: GO!’s Express & Logistics drew a positive overall balance for the 2021 financial year. Investments in sustainability and expanding the route network are at the top of the agenda for 2022.


GO!’s Express & Logistics is increasing its prices by an average of 4.9% as of 1 February 2022. This applies to domestic and international prices as well as supplementary services. “We are responding to significant price increases in a number of relevant areas, such as real estate and regulatory requirements.”