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Europe-wide overnight and express services

Europe-wide overnight and express services

We can collect your consignments from you into the evening – potentially until 18:00 depending on the region, or even later or at night if you wish – perform the necessary customs procedures and deliver them by the fastest route.

With GO! you can reach every European business centre overnight, most other destinations within 48 hours and even many remote areas within 3-4 days. In those partner countries where GO! itself works with its own local organisation, such as Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland, Luxembourg, Denmark, etc., you can take advantage of GO!’s many service options – from collection services and on-board courier to full customs clearance. However, we are also well represented in other European countries through our partners and can offer you a high standard of service and various service options. Above all, our expertise in customs clearance and the ability to carry out EU customs clearance in the simplest way are of particular value here. Thanks to our in-house team of qualified customs experts and our fully digitised and adaptive proprietary IT system are at your disposal at all times to provide advice and assistance.

We also offer a wide range of special services for complex requirements. From special services such as warehousing or in-house mail services to customised customer solutions and specific industry solutions – you name it, we can deliver it!

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Here you will find brochures, price lists, customs forms and much more.



No matter how late you work, we can still pick up your shipments. We can also arrange extra-late pick-ups if required.

Do you work over the weekend? So do we! We can even collection your shipments on Saturdays and Sundays. Delivery will then be made on the same day or early on Monday, whichever you prefer.

You can instruct us to collect a consignment for you. Our driver or our partners in the relevant country will collect the delivery from the sender and feed it into the network as quickly as possible.


We deliver your consignment from door to door in the shortest possible time, even over long distances. Of course, the direct route is also the safest: our courier does not let your consignment out of their sight.

For all you early risers, GO! delivers to many business centres before 08:00.

You decide when and where you want your shipment delivered. GO! can deliver with pinpoint accuracy within a time window of 15 minutes nominated by you – no matter whether it’s to an airport or a laboratory.

GO! is on call for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and will also deliver your consignments on Saturdays or Sundays. We can also delivery on public holidays.

If your consignment must only be delivered to a specific person, our courier will verify the recipient’s personal details. This ensures that important and confidential items always end up in the right hands.

With the GO! cash-on-delivery service, our driver will only deliver your goods against payment and we will transfer the money to you as quickly as possible.

Do you need to send a consignment from your supplier directly to a customer? No problem! Upon request, we can remove the address of origin so that you appear to your customer as the sender without the delivery having to be rerouted in this way.

If you have several deliveries from different senders, even from abroad, we will collect your shipments and bundle them for delivery in accordance with your scheduling requirements.


Customs and declarations know-how can make all the difference in terms of delivery performance and speed. Our fully digitised IT system and our in-house team of qualified customs experts are at your disposal at all times to provide advice and assistance.


GO! offers a standard liability per consignment in accordance with the latest version of its General Terms and Conditions. You can of course also take out a more extensive insurance policy. Please contact your local GO! office for more information about this.

Whether you need document envelopes, plastic mailing bags or cardboard boxes, GO! can provide you with custom-fit packaging to ensure that your shipments are transported securely in packaging that is perfectly tailored to the particular shipment contents.