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Fastest nationwide collection? GO!’s Pick Up

Classic shipment collection works on the principle of registered today, picked up tomorrow, transshipped the day after tomorrow and with you the day after that. We here at GO! are “entirely extra_ordinary”, offering the only sameday pick up system in Switzerland!

Our range of domestic collection and pick-up services

With many conventional transport solutions, a pick-up is ordered today, which is then carried out tomorrow, transshipped the day after tomorrow and only delivered the day after that. As such, a customer has to wait 4-5 days from order to delivery. For urgent or capital-intensive products, this is commercially unviable and also a question of service quality and customer satisfaction.

If you order a collection today from GO!, the items will be collected today and, depending on the region, in the best case they will be delivered today or tomorrow. Yes, that’s no typing mistake – ideally, it will not even take a whole day from order to delivery. That is dependable high-quality service – but it can be even better! For one thing, collections can be expedited and for another, they can be delivered late in the evening or even at night. This means that the products can be on hand early in the morning. Incredible, but true! Depending on the customer’s requirements, GO! can deliver the goods by 07:00, 13:30, 15:30 or 18:00. And, of course, collections for international shipments are also part of the service – including express customs clearance if you wish! Here, too, we achieve top ratings in Europe in terms of quality and speed!

The benefits for you

  • Quick response time
  • High-speed logistics
  • Customisable service time
  • Monitorable process and trackable shipments
  • Expedited international orders