Logistics solutions?
GO! Solutions

The economy is constantly in motion and as a shipping company, we move with it. We offer you cutting-edge logistics solutions for B2B business. Our services are as specific and individual as the industries and companies we work with. We work strictly in line with the requirements you place on transport and logistics and on the basis of our values: absolute adherence to deadlines, maximum safety and round-the-clock availability.

Industry solutions

We also offer customised services for special industry requirements. Our services for industry solutions

Special consignment contents

Specific arrangements help to ensure the highest possible level of protection for the contents of the shipment. Our services for special consignment contents

Special shipping requirements

Our wide range of services can support you all the way through your supply chain. Our services for special shipping requirements

Entirely extra_ordinary

Consignments ranging from pharmaceutical logistics, medical technology or even hazardous goods may be considered very unusual by some companies. For us, special consignments like this are part of our normal daily to-do. Our employees and couriers are appropriately trained and familiar with all the regulatory requirements. Simply put, no matter how special your consignment is, it is definitely in safe hands with us.

Reap the benefits of a wide range of fulfilment services to meet your specific needs, streamline processes in your business, reduce costs and improve the quality of your customer service.

Our ambition here is quite simple: we see it as our mission to offer our customers genuine added value.