The key figures of our success

The secret of our success is rooted in the very beginnings of GO! Founded in 1984 as a consortium of courier services, GO! is now the medium-sized quality leader in the CEP sector in Germany. The network concept has determined our business activities right from the start.

GO!’s Express & Logistics (Schweiz) AG.

GO!’s Express & Logistics (Schweiz) AG was founded in 2006 by the former owners of NES AG, Marcel Tüscher and Giovanni Iorio-Esposito. Although initially only involved in imports and exports, the company has always pursued the strategy of being the first nationwide same-day delivery network.

Today, the company operates the first standardised transport network that makes it possible to supply the entire territory of Switzerland several times a day. All hubs and satellites are provided with fixed arrival and departure times within the routing system, similar to a railway station model. This means that consignments from partners and customers domestically and abroad can be fed into the GO! system at the designated points at predefined times. This also benefits overseas and cross-border clients, who can feed directly into the gateway satellite and collect consignments that have been picked up. GO! is the only company in Switzerland that can perform and deliver nationwide collections on the day of the order.

The GO! Head Office in Winterthur coordinates and controls all the domestic processes in the network and ensures compliance with uniformly high quality standards. The link between all of the Swiss stations and therefore the heart of the GO! system is a high-performance, browser-based IT solution that is linked to all Swiss clients. Both clients and partners can access all the available data from our open system via API.

GO!’s Switzerland is conscious of its role as a transport service provider and therefore supports the reforestation and replanting of tree populations worldwide. In addition, GO! Switzerland has set itself the goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2025.

General information about the GO! network EXPRESS & LOGISTICS

Founded in 1984 as a consortium of courier services, GO! is now the medium-sized quality leader in the CEP sector. The network concept has shaped our business activities right from the outset.

The individual GO! stations work independently to a large extent and therefore have the necessary room for manoeuvre to be able to respond flexibly to the local prevailing conditions and the individual needs of their customers. The GO! Head Office in Bonn coordinates the processes in the far-reaching network and ensures compliance with uniformly high quality standards. The link between all the stations and therefore the heart of the GO! system is the central sorting centre in Niederaula, Hesse. The main transshipment hub functions as a collection point and hub for all consignments that are not handled via one of the 6 regional transshipment centres. In the hubs, the consignments are sorted and loaded appropriately for the particular destination station.


On 10 November, eight medium-sized courier services found the “Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Kurierdienste”, or ADK for short.


The GO! Express & Logistics brand is born.


The launch of GO! Austria is the first step towards the internationalisation of the GO! brand.


The company headquarters move from Hamburg and Stuttgart to Bonn.


Expansion of the international network: GO!’s Luxembourg is founded and GO! Czech Republic is launched with its headquarters in Prague.


In January, GO! Express & Logistics launches its own international airline in partnership with the British express provider NORSK.


20th anniversary of ADK and GO! Express & Logistics.


International growth continues: Launch of GO! Poland with headquarters in Warsaw and expansion of GO! Czech Republic with a facility in Pilsen.


Expansion of the European GO! system with the launch of GO! Switzerland.


GO!’s GO! Poland is expanded with the opening of the new GO! facility in Poznan.


In November, GO! Express & Logistics celebrates its 25th anniversary. Expansion of GO! Poland accelerated with the opening of GO! Wroclaw. The new facility in Brno expands the GO! network in the Czech Republic.


January sees the opening of the new GO! sorting centre in Niederaula – the logistical centrepiece of our company.


GO!’s Austria: new market presence, pooling of activities in a separate national company, development of a domestic network.


Renaming as GO! Express & Logistics and 30th anniversary of the company.


Focus on internationalisation: expansion of the central European network in Poland with our site in Katowice and expansion of same-day delivery operations in the Czech Republic.


Symbolic groundbreaking ceremony for the expansion of the main sorting centre in Niederaula.
Network expansion: launch of GO! Slovakia with the Bratislava facility.


Completion of the conversion of the main GO! sorting centre in Niederaula with an investment of more than eleven million euros.
Launch of our 6th regional hub in Frankfurt am Main.