About us

Our company – entirely extra_ordinary!

GO! – a brand that has become synonymous with determined commitment. For our customers and
our company. The company’s evolution has been correspondingly rapid: Founded in 2006 by the former owners of NES AG, Marcel Tüscher and Giovanni Iorio-Esposito, GO! Express & Logistics (Schweiz) AG is now the market leader and pace-setter in terms of quality and express delivery services for the industrial, automotive, two-wheeler and agricultural sectors.

Courier and express logistics of the highest standard – Around the clock – day and night

GO! Switzerland operates the first standardised transport network that makes it possible to supply the entire area of Switzerland several times a day (sameday).

All hubs, depots and satellites are provided with fixed arrival and departure times within the routing system, similar to a railway station model. This means that consignments from partners and customers domestically and abroad can be fed into the GO! system at thesepoints at predefined times. This also benefits international and cross-border clients, who can feed directly into the gateway depots and collect consignments that have been picked up.
With this route and wave principle, GO! is the only company in Switzerland that can carry out and deliver nationwide collections on the day of the order. This also allows collections and returns to be “expedited” when it comes to international connections, goods with limited availability or warranty periods.
The day express network or sameday network has various depots throughout Switzerland in Lausanne, Charrat, Bern, Basel, Baar, Zurich, Bioggio, Zizers, Widnau, St. Gallen and 2 hubs in Wolfwil and Winterthur, among others.
The GO! Head Office in Winterthur coordinates and controls all the domestic processes in the network and ensures compliance with uniformly high quality standards. The link between all of the Swiss stations and therefore the heart of the GO! system is a high-performance, browser-based IT solution developed by 1st LOG AG that is connected to all our Swiss clients. Both clients and partners can access all the available data from our open system via API.

However, we are THE logistics expert not only by day but also by night. We collect until 21:00 and deliver by 07:00.

GO! and Night Star Express operate the market-leading express network in Switzerland for night logistics. This refers to consignments that are picked up late in the evening and delivered to the recipients the same night. The enormous amount of expertise in the automotive, two-wheeler, municipal and construction machinery and agriculture sectors as well as the electronic networking using state-of-the-art IT developed by 1st Log AG provide a standard of quality that is unrivalled in the industry.
A central hub was established for this purpose in Wolfwil, which now boasts a floor space of more than 5000 m2 and the next 1000 m2 are already being planned. All consignments from all over Switzerland and nearby countries are brought here, checked, transhipped and distributed to destinations all over Switzerland in a star pattern using between 80 and 100 vehicles.
This gives customers in Switzerland and nearby foreign countries the option of preparing consignments between 17:00 and around 21:00 or delivering them directly to a national depot or hub. The consignments are delivered all over Switzerland ( not including excluded areas) by 07:00 the next morning. This of course includes customs clearance for international shipments.

The benefits for you

  • Night logistics (night delivery) offers the advantage of late collection times, which also permits an extremely competitive deadline for your customers’ orders.
  • Another advantage is standardised Saturday delivery. We also deliver to the end recipients overnight from Friday to Saturday
    at no extra cost.
  • Returns are taken back at the same time at all service levels and delivered back to the sender at 48-hour
  • As an authorised consignee/shipper and AEO-certified company, international shipments can be cleared “on the road” without losing any time. When they arrive, they are usually ready for delivery – i.e. even by 07:00 in the morning.

Electronic tracking with barcode scanning is standard practice and contributes to our reputation for quality.

AEO certificate – since 2021!

Authorised Economic Operator, or AEO for short (the abbreviation ZWB is sometimes used in German), is a status granted to persons who are considered reliable with regard to the security of the international supply chain.
Building on the new agreement, Switzerland has also adapted its legal framework and, among other things, introduced an AEO status. Companies that obtain AEO status are considered particularly reliable and trustworthy and benefit, thanks to the mutual recognition of AEO status, from simplified security-related customs controls in both customs territories. 
Source: EFD/BAZG

GO! Express & Logistics (Schweiz) AG was granted AEO status under the number CH AEO 2100163 in September 2021.
Thanks to this AEO status and our commitment to quality, our customers and their consignments benefit from simplified security-related customs controls in the customs territory of the EU and Switzerland.
In the industrial sector in particular, this seems to be of vital importance, as delays of shipments can have a significant impact on service and reliability for customers.

ISO 9001:2015 – certified since 2013!

ISO 9001:2015 is the most widely used management system in the world, enabling companies to align products and services with customer needs and to achieve reliable and consistent performance for their customers by defining transparent business and continuous improvement processes. The GO! quality management is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. The audit covers all of the company’s processes and is the basis for carrying out our transport services.

  • GO! Express: Overnight and worldwide
  • GO! Courier: flexible direct connections
  • GO! Solutions: refined logistics solutions for industries, special shipping contents or special requirements

We also comply with the Guidelines for Good Distribution Practice of Medicinal Products for Human Use (GDP). Our compliance with GDP is independently certified in writing. All GO! stations have also committed themselves to adhering to the GO! principles. Regular quality training and audits ensure we maintain the highest standards. All training is geared towards providing the best possible service at all times, but also towards safety for employees, couriers, consignors, consignees and consignment contents during transport: GDP, hazardous goods, etc.

Outstanding employer – entirely extra_ordinary!

Honesty, openness and transparency are the cornerstones of successful cooperation. Respect, tolerance, equality and social
responsibility the pillars, and empowerment, sustainability, respect for nature and the climate the umbrella of our thinking. All these building blocks influence us as human beings, how we think, and what our future will look like. We know that everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, but diversity can also mean balance, equilibrium and completeness in a team.
GO! connects and supplies people, companies and continents! We also work internally on climate issues and knowledge sharing, and not just externally. Each and every employee is part of the whole and only together does this make us strong. That is why we support and challenge each other to play an active role in shaping this future.
Continued professional development, seminars and training are therefore part of the basic package that our employees, colleagues and friends can expect from their company.
We are into good vibes and benefits and like to pass them on. Only what is sown and nurtured in good soil, treated with care and attention, cared for and rewarded, has a chance of becoming something extraordinary.

Carbon neutral – Environmentally aware since 2011 and entirely extra_ordinary!

GO! Switzerland is very much conscious of its role as a transport service provider. As a member of an industry that produces a significant amount of CO2, we therefore support the reforestation and replanting of tree stocks all over the world.
Whether it’s a global corporation or a one-man operation, every company pollutes the environment with CO₂ emissions. Production, shipping, IT and office operations, logistics and mobility are just a few areas that are directly or indirectly responsible for a company’s carbon footprint.
GO! Switzerland decided to pursue a comprehensible climate-friendly strategy within the national transport network more than 10 years ago. It chose the Cologne-based company Co2frei.net to be its partner in this respect. Co2frei.net offers companies the opportunity to offset their CO₂ emissions through the planting of trees and pastures. The trees and pastures are planted exclusively in Germany, even for Swiss companies.
Interested customers, partners and suppliers can find out exactly where the trees were planted. Fruit trees are also planted in addition to the oxygen-producing pastures in order to protect biodiversity. These tree sites may be visited and enjoyed. The emotional experience is overwhelming! A demonstrable link is established that brings joy, gratitude and pride, as the environmental protection that we initiated ourselves can be directly experienced and thus becomes “tangible”.
A total of about 13,000 trees had been planted on 13 hectares of land by the end of 2022. Approximately 8000 tonnes of carbon dioxide can be absorbed as a result, which corresponds to approximately 11-12 million kilometres travelled.
And we are not stopping there – environmental protection at your fingertips. As we have said before, everything about us is entirely extra_ordinary.